may 3 - june 8, 2019




june 14 - august 31, 2019

The Americas: Our Stories / Las Americas: Nuestras Historias

an international group exhibition of prints by artist members of PrintMatters Houston and artist members of La Estampa from Medellin, Colombia

Cindy Lisica Gallery in partnership with the PrintHouston 2019 Biennial is pleased to present, The Americas: Our Stories / Las Americas: Nuestras Historias, is an art exhibition that brings together many different printmaking techniques, many different artistic styles, and many different voices from two different countries- two different continents. Yet, out of the many disparate stories conveyed through the universal bridge that is the language of art, we are invited to the idea that walls can be torn down and conversations can be had. Led by the story from each piece of art, this timely exhibition reveals a patchwork of human experiences that on the surface are alien from another but in their essence are of the same story that is the human spirit.

Featured artists from PrintMatters Houston:

Andis Applewhite, Shanti Conlan, Luisa Duarte, Orna Feinstein, Katherine Rhodes Fields, Leamon Green, Carol Hayman, Amber Kaiser, Melanie Leslie, Eileen McClellan, Kelly Moran, Sharon Navage, Gissette Padilla, Elvia Perrin, and Joelle Verstraeten

Featured artists from La Estampa:

Maria Adelaida Correa, Ana Cristina, Marta Lucia de Bedout, Ana Isabel Diez, Ana Fernandez, Pablo Guzman, Juan Guillermo Ordonez, Hilda Piedrahita, Pilar Posada, Angela Maria Restrepo, Jorge Alberto Rodriguez